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Garuda Indonesia

"How to Develop Blog as A Social Network"

Fashion Blogger & Entrepreneur

Gedung C lt.3
Manajemen Pariwisata
Senin, 7 Okt 2013
10.00 - 12.00 WIB

Jurusan Desain Produk Industri
lt.1 Ruang 109
Selasa, 8 Okt 2013
09.00 - WIB
(hub Laras 089617425058)

(facilities: certificate, snacks, & doorprize)

Open for Public PENDAFTARAN: Ms Elin (085232719000)


Tema: Trip to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia

Syarat dan Ketentuan:
1. Peserta merupakan pelajar SMA atau mahasiswa
2. Dapat membuat blog baru atau menggunakan blog yang telah dimiliki
3. Mendaftar dan mengumpulkan data pribadi (foto 3x4 2lembar serta fotocopy kartu pelajar/identitas) pada acara Garuda Travel Mart di North Atrium Galaxy Mall Surabaya tgl 7 - 13 Oktober 2013

Deadline pengumpulan blog: 20 Oktober 2013
Pengumuman pemenang: 25 Oktober 2013

Trip to Singapore
(3 days 2 nights)
for 2 winner

3D 2N Hotel Accomodation at Hardrock Hotel
Festive Hotel by Resort World Sentosa

CP: Ms Cindy (083857280012)

Media Partner:
Gen FM 103.1fm Surabaya

Supported by:
Resort World Sentosa

Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

What's ON?

Mark your date!

Grab 3G Wifi 64GB
by sumbit your submission on

Outfit of The Day Contest
by Dana Maulana of Danjo Hiyoji for those who owns a local brand.
Sign up to www.amild.com
Open submission 3rd - 30th June 2013

Grand Opening 
GLAM SALON 18th - 19th June 2013
Fashion Show on 29th June 2013

at Glam Salon
SOHO Waterplace A27
Apartment Waterplace Pakuwon Indah, Surabaya

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Limelight : Kate Spade's Grand Opening!

Hello Vogue-s! So sorry for this blog hiatus, but will promise we will update more! Anyways, yesterday was the first Kate Spade store in Surabaya, and literally the BIGGEST counter all over Indonesia Grand Opening in Ciputra World, which is one of the hippest hang out spot in Surabaya. There were literally loads of local fashion icons, flooding in prints and pastel-still dominated with lime and black&white for the season.
Top Row:Mitzy Kallula, Kathleen Linney, Christian Belvin, Reinhardt Kenneth
Middle Row: Virginie Poetry, Ivana Novelin, Aloddya Anwar, Dewi Kumala, Maria Widjaja, Charlene Gondo, Pricillia Lumantoro, Felicia Wijaya, Malvin Liebertus
Bottom Row: Theresia Oei, Rania Ps, Brigitta Monique.
The opening was around three in the afternoon, where the mall was filled with people coming for early dinners, or ones who just finished the day shopping around the mall, which means it's basically filled with tons of people. There was literally no themes for the dress code-so we decided to go out and embrace our own apparels.
The Invitation // Malvin and Rania! // Candy Bow Ties Purse // Balloons with Discounts!
Accessories(Call Me Maybe Esque!) // Wallets // A Bow Kate Spade USB Drive // Things We Love XOXO
Candy Bow Ties Socks // Brigitta Monique's Nightwalks // Pricillia Lumantoro's Glass Heels // Felicia Wijaya's Glittery Nightwalks

Kate Spade, the brand which originates from New York itself caught our eye with their latest Spring Line. There were literally an outburst of colors, which the brand seems to bring out a lot, with of course, shades of lime dominating the collection. There were also comical prints and polkadots along the way, and even a very cute USB drive!.

Basically most people decided to go with vibrant shades of pastels-what we're intending to say here is that, the color is still a shade of pastel, but it's also crazy vibrant, it's basically neutralized neon, or whatever you're going to call it. Lime takes the front line-as usual for the season, blood orange, hot pink, and a little shade of yellow around the edges.
Aloddya's Ape Necklace // Kathleen's Edge-Balls Earrings // Belvin's Bart Sweater Detail // Mitzy being a Lace Lady
Rania and Belvin // Comical Purses // Kenichi, Rania, and Brigitta interviewed by Trans!
WE LOVE MUSTARD // Theresia Oei and the Lady Behind The Celebration // Glowing Flowers // Glasses-Shaped Clutch

What we absolutely love about Kate Spade is that, it's affordable-as a high-end brand itself, and it's definitely worth the buy, since we're basically mostly students, and sometimes it might be hard to actually buy that much of a high-end brand. Secondly, the brand itself never runs out of chicness with all of it's prints and colors, basically. And last but not least-the brand doesn't run out of quirkiness along the way, it's basically quirky, affordable, chic, and crazy vibrant(for this season).

Anyways, Malvin and I(Kenneth), decided to start a "Top 4" on each post from now on, since we find it making this blog a LOT more relevant, and we can actually do reviews on each outfit. These doesn't mean the ones who weren't chosen didn't appear cool-or good enough, but we believe that they don't really stand out this time around, or that they don't fulfill what we're looking for this time.

1.Kathleen Linney Margiano
Kathleen-chic, slightly edgy, yet still HUNGRY! Known formerly as Ketoy, this girl blew guests away by simply her height, she claims that it was just because of her high heels, but being almost 170cm for any girl is a dream to another. What we absolutely love from her outfit is that-it's chic, classic, and simply not overdone. The outfit helped her show her beautiful features perfectly. She wore a pair of high waisted trousers-which doesn't really have a skinny cut-which is good, since the bagginess and the disco edge just took her onto a whole new level. She wore a white tank top-neutralizing the whole black going on, and a black vest, which is just a classical touch up we find very pretty. She recently chopped her hair off-and we definitely love the pony tail going on, since basically it doesn't cover her beautiful bone structures(and ICONIC mole hole). She didn't over-accesorize the classic look, she had a watch and a ring on, and she brought a Chanel purse alongside.
What She Wore:
Trousers, Heels, Outer:ZARA
Purse:Chanel GST

2.Rania Ps.
Rania, who is one of Surabaya's hippest freelance models-known for her exotic skin and her beautiful posture is our newest member. She may not be a blogger, but she is one of Surabaya's most talked-about girl. Rania has this equal balance of both being chic, yet in the same time being a street girl. She may be a model, but she definitely isn't mean, she is one of the most outgoing, kind-hearted girl we've ever met. Rania nailed a very street outfit this time, it's still very chic though. She wore a leather jacket which definitely doesn't dim her bronze-like skin, and she matched it with a black tanktop, also accesorized by a leopard necklace. Kathleen gave a chic and classic edge with a white top, while she edged it out with a dark top. She wore a pair of houndstooth-printed bronze colored pants-which she designed by her own!. What we absolutely love about her look is that it is only highlighted with one center of view, so her beauty, basically isn't layered by too much going on.
What She Wore:
Leather Jacket:Topshop
Black Tank top:New Look

3.Christian Belvin.
We'd have to agree on him since undoubtedly he brought all the sweater-pullover feeling onto a whole new level by bringing a Spring-Essence onto it. Belvin had always been a joy to watch, he's quirky, chic, and fun in all sort of ways-and we admire his bright personality. We all know that the Jeremy Scott Bart Simpsons sweater is just too die for, and he simply styled the piece perfectly with a shirt underneath, making it look both chic yet playful in all sort of ways, something he always does perfectly. The Kipling Camera Bag is another chic-lliance he brought along, camera bags had always been huge and boring and ugly and black(like mine), but Belvin brought along a very vibrant and fashionable camera bag in Red-a bold fashion statement for chic photographers and travellers indeed. He paired up the whole look with a pair of washed jeans and a pair of sneakers, his pants aren't necessarily short or long at all-which gives the spring feeling a whole new feeling.
What He Wore:
Sweater; Random
Pants: Mango
Camer Bag:Kepling
Watch:Michael Kors.

4.Charlene Gondo
Charlene always knows how to simply style her outfit, colliding elements of the fashion like nobody else, you can't argue with that. Her outtake on The Kate Spade Opening with something rather simple but very chic and perfectly sweet made it to one of our top looks because we simply believe that it's just perfectly brilliant on how you can bring a very simple outfit while representing it in an eye-catching way. Lime is basically the new mint this season-and her outtake sporting a lime high-waisted skirt with a Lime Versus Versace top is perfectly sweet-and chic in all sort of ways. She completed the look with her Dior purse and a very cute Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case-like Belvin she styled the things she need the most-which should be a technological yet fashionable statement these days. Unfortunately, though, we didn't get a head to toe picture of her-which actually adds the chic-ness towards her outfit.
What She Wore:
iPad Case:Marc by Marc Jacobs

5.Mitzy Kallula
Mitzy had always been known for her doll eyes and her vintage style, yet she had always came up with the perfect amount of vintage, by stabilizing it with the right amount of up-to-date pieces. Mitzy's high-necked blouse reminds us of the Victorian Eras, which is known to be overdone around the edges, but this piece successfully elevated her outfit onto a whole new level-sporting the vintage Mitzy, but still the chic Mitzy. She styled the blouse with a pair of yellow colored trousers, which suits the outfit perfectly since it supports her posture beautifully, the pair of platformed heels adds the classiness of her lady-like style. She brought a YSL clutch alongside, which is simply an effective way to bring her stuff.
What She Wore:
Top, Trousers:ZARA
High Heels:Steve Madden
Dewi, Maria, and Charlene // Rania gazing on PEARLS // Behind The Cameraman of Trans (HEY BRIGITTA!!) // Rania with her Model Friends
Rania and The Gorgeous Silvia Siantar from Poise Polish // Magenta and Orange Invasion // Purses // Mannequin
Brigitta's Name Necklace // Wedges! // Aloddya taking a Picture // Kenichi's CROSS Collar Chain

Anyways, thank you so much to Kate Spade Indonesia for inviting us, it's been such an honor, thank you Miss Liberte Theresia Oei for arranging our attendance, Trans and Jawa Pos for featuring us, and everyone else involved, see you soon loves!x.
(Photo Credits to Christian Belvin & Reinhardt Kenneth)

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Studded Orchidea.

Hey Vogue-s! It's been a while since our last post, so everyone is basically buzzing all over the place with these sea-urchin spiky accessories, also found as sequins(no, we are not talking about you, miss Virginie).
Theres' something addictive about these studded accessories and sequin, no? There's like this element of an androgynous inhabitant in between the edge which gives masculinity yet this fragile element, carved with such details with an edge on the end of each stud.

Stud(or Spikes) might grow out of the artistic invention of the late sir Alexander McQueen, also featured in other High Fashion Saints, these little babies are like pure perfection through the invention of fragility, depicting horror and this huge artistic influence of being strong enough, evolving, and manifesting throughout.

Let's sneak a peek on some stud inspiration from fashion off the Sby-Vogue-s.
Charlene Gondo in her Studded Jeffrey Campbell Skywalkers.

Christian Belvin in his Studded Louboutins

Glints Michelle in her Studded Flippers and Bangles

Miss.Spikes Studded Veiby Theresia in her Studded Necklace

Lauretha in her mint green studded Jacket!
Brigitta Monique in her lovely studded bangles with a touch of Silver and Zebra.
Maria Widjaja with her lovely studded sling bag. 

Sequin Queen Virginie Poetry with her lovely Studded Clutch

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

Ore De Janeiro by Havaianas Review

For those who missed the summer party from Ore De Janeiro by Havaianas, no worry, we've got situation controlled around here. As you know Havaianas is the finest flip flop sandals from Brazil and a lot of gorgeous people come to this party such as Havaianas Owner, Surabaya Vogue, Models, Finest DJ from Surabaya, and other press. The dersscode are about summer, tropical theme.

Christian Belvin with Rania, Lene, and Nadya Joy
SV Strike a pose

photo by

Selasa, 03 Juli 2012


Feel good enough with beach/tropical party? Then come and join us in ORE DE JANEIRO by HAVAIANAS. The fashionable flip flops from Brazil


Special Performance by Surabaya Finest DJ's
Ayren Mayden
Bassterds Music

Supported by
Surabaya Fashion Carnival
Surabaya Vogue (Surabaya Fashion Bloggers)
Reds Agency


So mark your calendar for this marvelous event :D
See you there!

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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

CALAiS Review


For those who out of town and don't have some time, no need to worry
Surabaya Vogue have some documentation for all of you
The reviews are from some Surabaya Bloggers
So no need to be sad, another events are waiting you :)


Surabaya Vogue <3

The Artisan, Novielisa (middle)

The ladies with the owner of Calais, Ms Christina
(from the left) Michelle, Virginie, and Theresia

DJ handle everyone in the club

Keep Calm and do it like a sir
Ivana and her friends
The Calais Cafe looks gorgeous from the outside

Calais Cafe

Outfit by

Clementine @clementinemimsy
ORE @orepremiumstore

Documentation by
Ivana Novelin BLOG HERE
Theresia BLOG HERE