Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Studded Orchidea.

Hey Vogue-s! It's been a while since our last post, so everyone is basically buzzing all over the place with these sea-urchin spiky accessories, also found as sequins(no, we are not talking about you, miss Virginie).
Theres' something addictive about these studded accessories and sequin, no? There's like this element of an androgynous inhabitant in between the edge which gives masculinity yet this fragile element, carved with such details with an edge on the end of each stud.

Stud(or Spikes) might grow out of the artistic invention of the late sir Alexander McQueen, also featured in other High Fashion Saints, these little babies are like pure perfection through the invention of fragility, depicting horror and this huge artistic influence of being strong enough, evolving, and manifesting throughout.

Let's sneak a peek on some stud inspiration from fashion off the Sby-Vogue-s.
Charlene Gondo in her Studded Jeffrey Campbell Skywalkers.

Christian Belvin in his Studded Louboutins

Glints Michelle in her Studded Flippers and Bangles

Miss.Spikes Studded Veiby Theresia in her Studded Necklace

Lauretha in her mint green studded Jacket!
Brigitta Monique in her lovely studded bangles with a touch of Silver and Zebra.
Maria Widjaja with her lovely studded sling bag. 

Sequin Queen Virginie Poetry with her lovely Studded Clutch

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